Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Competition Yesterday

So I fence in Rochester, NY and so far my experience has been awesome but let's admit it, nothing great comes without struggle. The struggle, in this case, has been gut-wrenching at times but it has also produced some golden moments! I fenced at a local club's competition for D and Under ratings. I got 2nd!!! This means I'll probably be upgraded to a D!!! Isn't that awesome? Anyway, my coach is super happy.

So for my first real post, I wanna discuss the equipment I got. Firstly, the shoes. I use the Nike Ballestras and they are amazing. They made them for the olympics see this: for a video. anyway, the grip and feeling with the floor is phenomenal. You feel everything. They are so light as well. Ok, that's all for this post. Comment what you'd like!


  1. I really don't see what the hype is on these shoes?

  2. I have those shoes!! They're so awes0me. You can totes feel the fl00r.

  3. oh hey duncan thos shoes r wicked bro ive got a pair myself we should hang out sumtiem nd we cud be matchin hahaha just joshin man that wud be gay lol but yeah we shud meet up sumtime