Monday, February 7, 2011

What I feel about Epee

So obviously, fencing is made up of three subsections, foil, epee and sabre. While foil is the blade I fence, I wouldn't mind talking about the other 2 weapons as well. Today, I want to discuss a bit about Epee.

I'm not going to get into the specifics of history, instead I want to give a brief overview and then mostly my opinion!

Epee involves, like Foil, pressing the tip of the blade into the opponent. Unlike Foil (and Sabre), Epee uses the entire body as a target and there is also no 'priority' system' (more on this later), so basically as long as you hit your opponent (and not the floor or whatnot) then you will get the point, no matter how you got it or if your opponent hit you as well (in which case you both get the point).

What do I think? I think Epee is pretty boring. Epee ends up being two people barely doing anything because both are worried that the other one will hit them. You see, attacking in Epee is especially a gamble because you close distance between you and them, thus, making it easier for them to hit you back. Add in the fact that you can hit ANYWHERE and you've got two totally paranoid fencers! They just hop around and do simple attacks once in a while. BORING. However, an advatnage to Epee is that it's the easiest by far to understand. Just hit the opponent and you get a point!

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  1. Hey man, I had a friend from high school who used to fence. ALL HE DID WAS TALK ABOUT EPEE!

    So if you really think this way about, right on.