Tuesday, February 8, 2011


So yesterday, a teammate of mine had to referee a competition so he asked if I wanted to help out as well so I did. It was really for kids so I didn't have to be AMAZING or anything to do it. Anyway, this experience showed me how like, some calls really are difficult for referees, especially if it could change the whole game altogether. So I feel like when we are fencing, we put way too much pressure on referees, we can't expect perfectness in a game that's basically subjective at times! Really, fencing involves a fair dose of working with the flaws of the referee (well, my coach says that). If the referee can't see a lot of parries at 6, then you might have to make a more obvious parry with a circular-4 etc. Anyway, this post is just a short rant about referees in fencing!


  1. ref-ing must be so hard duncan. you're so brilliant and talented.

  2. nah it's super easy! : )

    next time i can show u how it works ;)